Tons of places and ways to network!

Connecting consumers, retailers, reps and suppliers.

Our goal at The Furnishing Network is to help consumers research online for products and brands they want AND connect them to the best local stores to finish their purchase. We have compiled over hundreds of dealer locator websites, in addition to our retailer sites to help consumers find exactly what they are shopping for. Each and every one of the sites in our network include a “find a local retailer” button where the consumer can connect with their nearest local store.

When retailers join our network, they are automatically included into our extensive list of dealer locator websites and are provided with a site of their own as well. This makes it easy for retailers to be found on our sites by local shoppers and also allows them to promote their store and products on our network of sites for completely free!

For reps and suppliers, The Furnishing Network is a great way to directly connect with consumers. While consumers are shopping online, they are seeing your brand and products exactly how you want them to be presented. In addition, you are generating more business for your local retail partnerships.

Connecting consumers to products.

Dealer locator websites are sites with a full product catalog that feature a single brand or category. Shoppers use these sites to search across brands and retailers to find what they are looking for. For example, if a consumer was looking for a dresser, they could go to where they can browse by product type, brand or style.

Connecting consumers to retailers.

Once an online shopper finds a product they like, they need to find where they can locally purchase it. On every dealer locator website in our network, there is a “where to buy” or “find a local retailer” option. These links will help consumers find the nearest local retailer that carries the product.

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