The Internet has changed the way local consumers shop!

DoBizBuzz is a FREE, Fast, and Easy solution. Did I mention it is FREE!?

Consumers today are using the internet to find what products, services, and offers are available before buying locally. DoBizBuzz offers you a FREE chance to make your presence known on the internet! As a retailer, you are armed with a Do-It-Yourself website to tell consumers why YOUR store is unique. DoBizBuzz makes it easy for the least technologically savvy person to create a great looking website with video tutorials to help you be successful.

Already have your own website? That’s okay! You do not need to do anything with your current site to join DoBizBuzz. Since it is free, there is no harm in joining! This is another way for you to maximize your opportunity to be found by local consumers.

Once you sign up with DoBizBuzz, you are given a basic website. Here is a sample of a beginning website with no work done to it. If you put the time and effort into your site, the possibilities are endless. Check out this website we spent some time on!

Get shoppers to swarm to your store!

It’s not only a website, it’s a do-business network.

Our main goal is to help generate more business for you by leading consumers to your store. The moment you join DoBizBuzz, you are instantly added to our phenomenal network of dealer locator sites. Every day, thousand of consumers are shopping on our network. Once they find the products they like, we direct them to the nearest local retailer in their area. In other words, if your store is a place where they can purchase the products they find, we point them to YOU!

To view our network, click here!

Show consumers your products.

Our full product catalog and detailed descriptions are at your fingertips.

Our product selection includes full catalogs for most major suppliers. These detailed descriptions include hi-resolution imagery, rich media, specification sheets, and original product descriptions written by a team of content publishers. We also are constantly managing and monitoring the content. All you have to do to get these products on your site is connect with your representative for that brand through our network. Once they verify you as an authorized dealer, their products will automatically be displayed on your site.

Stand out from other retail stores.

Free features and pages help you get your story told!

DoBizBuzz understands your company is unique and provides features and tools to help you make your site stand out from others.

With the user-friendly control panel, you can manage the information on your custom pages, keep your home page fresh by changing the slideshow, match the marketing plugs with your current promotions, and much more!

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