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The internet has changed the way we shop for furniture. Today's consumer wants to use the internet to do her research and find out what products, services and special offers are available in her market area before she buys locally. On DoBizBuzz your retailers will receive an absolutely free world-class website where they can feature your products, customize their own settings, and manage their own advertising. As a supplier, DoBizBuzz can give you the opportunity to make your brand more visible to the home shopper, help your products get found locally, and give you the ability to do business directly with the consumer.

Make your brand more visible.

Include your products on our extended network.

With so much information on the internet today, it’s easy for your company to get lost from the consumer. Today’s consumer does most of her shopping from home. Our goal at DoBizBuzz is to create an online network that maximizes the opportunity for consumers to find the products they want. The more websites you can get your product on, the more likely the consumer is to find it. DoBizBuzz allows you to show your product across the internet for free by connecting with your retailers.

Get found locally, ALL FOR FREE!

Join our network and become integrated into our dealer locater service.

As soon as a retailer carrying your brand joins our network, they are incorporated into our dealer locater. This immediately adds your brand to our network for the thousands of people shopping on our sites daily. Once shoppers have found the product they want on our network, DoBizBuzz guides them to the closest retail store. This makes the shopping process as easy and convenient as possible for the consumer.

Do business directly with the consumer, FOR FREE!

Distribute your product catalog right to shopper.

Make sure the consumer has all the important information about your products. With a full-time content team that provides in-depth descriptions and high resolution images of your products, DoBizBuzz will help your retailers do an awesome job displaying your products on their site.

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